Thunder in my Arms by Lissa Schneckenburger’s

Support the Children’s Activity Fund through the purchase of music!

I am a musician and foster/adoptive parent.  My new CD, “Thunder in my Arms”, is an original song cycle about family attachment, developmental trauma, and resiliency, based on my experiences as a foster and adoptive parent, and inspired by many of the families I have met over the past few years. I am fundraising to help launch the album, as well as support the VFAFA “Children’s Activity Fund”. You can check out all the details and hear clips of the music here.

Dear Foster/Adoptive Families and Friends,

Lissa has just finished writing and recording the music for a new CD about attachment, developmental trauma, and resiliency. She has begun a fundraiser where we can pre-order this NEW CD, Thunder in my Arms, as well as raise money for VFAFA’s “Children’s Activity Fund.” It’s good music, a good message, and a good cause, so please consider going to and pre-ordering the album! Thanks so much! Spread the word!